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Hi! I'm Barb.

I’m a:

Bliss Expert

Dating Coach


Reiki Master

Intuitive Channel

Welcome to my 

"Crazy Blissful Love over 50!"

Online Adventure!

I'm OH so delighted you're here, and that you've made the Stake in the Ground Decision to magnetize the Crazy Blissful Love

you SO deeply deserve...

Single Men and Women over 50--THIS IS FOR YOU!!

Join Bliss Expert Barbara Tintori on a Deep, Fun, and Enlightening Journey

to magnetize the Soul Partner of your Dreams

utilizing EASY, Heart-Centered steps based in Conscious principles

with the added BONUS of gently and gorgeously guiding you

to fall madly, deeply, and blissfully in LOVE

with the Courageous, Fierce, and Spectacular being YOU ARE in the process!


Does this sound familiar?

  • The thought of "getting back out there" feels draining instead of life-giving.

  • With so many dating apps out there, you just don't know where to start.                                                         

  • You've been on so many dates, you're tired and discouraged, and more often than not you come home disappointed.  

  • You're frustrated that "Ghosting" feels like the norm.

  • Thoughts like "I'm too old", "I haven't lost those last 15 pounds", "There's no one good out there"

         always seem to creep in, bursting your dating momentum bubble.

So go ahead and ask yourself:

  • Would you love to explore and experience life with a Soul Partner in this next spectacular chapter?

  • Would you love to eliminate the doubts, fears, and thought patterns keeping you from your Relationship Goals?

  • Would you love an easy, enlightening, and FUN process to help you get there in record time?

  • Would you love to create a better relationship with yourself in the process, practicing Self Love               and Self Care?

When you say YES to our Soul Partner Journey together, you will discover:

  • The code to move beyond your current circumstances and repetitive patterns that keep you feeling “stuck” in magnetizing Love. 

  • The essential steps for tuning into your true Vision for the Soul Partner of your Dreams. 

  • A simple way for determining whether your Soul Partner Vision is right for you. 

  • The secret to turning your Vision into your New, Gorgeous Reality.

  • Simple thinking strategies that will guard you from fear, doubt and worry. 

  • The one critical thing you must give up to elevate your results, embrace the gorgeous, luminous        Light Being you are, and magnetize LOVE!

And OH So Much More!

It is our Birthright to live a life we LOVE.
So let's set the stage together for the SOUL PARTNER of your DREAMS

to magnetize into this next kick-ass chapter
with Ease, Grace, and OH so much FUN...


Do you really want to wait around for yet another

fun-in-the-sun summer, birthday, or holiday season to go by?

Just click on the button below and let your "CRAZY BLISSFUL LOVE OVER 50!" Journey begin! 

My Gorgeous Clients!

"Barbara Tintori is a gem

and definitely a healing angel that the Universe gave me.

She has an uncanny way of helping me through many quantum changes in my life through her healing, her channeling, and her guidance.

She has also provided encouragement that speaks volumes.

Not only does she articulate in a way I can understand,

she is an amazing support system in such a loving and caring way.

If you get the opportunity, run towards her.

You will be forever grateful!"

Courtney T.

 Marina del Rey, CA

Reach Out!

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